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Sony Ericsson 750 IrDA ModemINFRARED\SERB016
Sony Ericsson IrDA Modem 116IRENUM\SERB087
Sony Ericsson 600i USB WMC OBEX InterfaceK600CR\{6706C3D1-3C5D-49fc-9CCC-4B7B2A47D764}
Sony Ericsson 750 USB WMC Device ManagementK750CR\{EE230F5C-5F9C-4981-99D9-4C987E38714C}
Sony Ericsson Device 116 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 3)s116CR\{d68bdaab-92a7-4ff1-a467-b7ed7ff447b5}
Sony Ericsson Device 117 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 5)s117CR\{d72625b3-537b-491f-9729-53097f68e4bb}
Sony Ericsson Device 217 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 5)s217CR\{060703a6-87ad-4140-9143-c3fe31e2af79}
Sony Ericsson Device 616 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 3)s616CR\{2e5271fd-2ebd-4752-a74e-c3dac6dc5540}
Sony Ericsson Device 716 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 3)s716CR\{84beb84f-69c1-49d5-a340-28355ef173ff}
Sony Ericsson Device 816 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 5)s816CR\{e8e4e7fe-54da-42c2-81f2-0a501788b2b9}
Sony Ericsson Device 038 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 3)se26CR\{7D3822F8-BCDB-4fa1-B046-B311E2FC92C8}
Sony Ericsson Device 039 USB WMC Device ManagementSE27CR\{A10E84BA-4070-4F37-A000-D373F89BBD68}
Sony Ericsson Device 043 USB Ethernet Emulation (NDIS 3)se2BCR\{BBF05C36-7831-4570-BB40-70520DC7C26E}
Sony Ericsson Device 068 USB WMC Device ManagementSE44CR\{1B6846A7-4049-4433-A698-C9CE9EFFFA28}
Sony Ericsson 600i Bluetooth ModemSERENUM\SERC017
Sony Ericsson Device 217 USB WMC Device ManagementUSB\VID_0fce&PID_d0c5&Class_02&SubClass_09&Prot_01&OS_NT
Sony Ericsson USB WMC Device ManagementZ3F2CR\{40B65E89-2B42-4944-A5F7-F733AABB661B}

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