Bad Rabbit cryptographer virus — how to protect your PC?

DriverPack contains specific means for eliminating vulnerabilities among the computer configuration tools. You can download free protection against the Bad Rabbit virus for your PC and laptop which will secure your computer.

Configure the computer and protect it against Bad Rabbit
This software is provided for free

What is Bad Rabbit?

Bad Rabbit is a new cryptographic virus which has attacked the computers of users in Russia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Turkey since late October 2017. Also among the attacked victims are The Interfax RIA, The Fontanka RIA, a number of Ministries of the Ukraine, as well as Odessa Airport. The principle of operation is simple: it uses the Mimikatz utility in order to retrieve the account data out of your PC’s memory. It also searches for the admin’s active account data. Bad Rabbit then tries to get access to the workstations in the local network by using SMB and WebDAV. As soon as it gets access to the PC, the virus encrypts all the data that it managed to reach, and after that it changes the Master Boot Record. When this procedure is complete, Bad Rabbit resets your computer and pops up its message with a demand for 0.05 Bitcoins (what make about $300 as of October 26, 2017).

How to protect your PC against the Bad Rabbit cryptographer virus?

What can you do to protect yourself against the new virus:
• Create an infpub.dat file in the C:\\Windows\\ folder and tick 'Read-only' option in its properties
• Watch carefully creating new tasks in 'Task Scheduler'
• Don’t install any updates for FlashPlayer from the outsider sites
• Update Windows and all installed protect software
• Make backups of your operating system

Also, you can just use the new solution from DriverPack Solution by downloading it on this page - it will save your time!
Our solution works out on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and XP.

Configure the computer and protect it against Bad Rabbit
This software is provided for free