Azure Pipelines Agent (VSTS Build Agent) 2.144.0

The cross platform build and release agent for Azure Pipelines and Team Foundation Server 2015 and beyond. An agent that you set up and manage on your own to run build and deployment jobs is a self-hosted agent. You can use self-hosted agents in Azure Pipelines or Team Foundation Server (TFS). Self-hosted agents give you more control to install dependent software needed for your builds and deployments.

Package Specific

Package Parameters

The following package parameters can be set:

  • /Directory: - Directory to install agent in (defaults to c:\agent)
  • /Url: - URL of the server. For example: or http://onprem:8080/tfs
  • /Token: - Personal Access Token
  • /Auth: - One of negotiate, alt or integrated
  • /Username: - Used with negotiate or alt - Specify the Windows user name in the format: domain\userName or
  • /Password: - Used with negotiate or alt
  • /Pool: - Pool name for the agent to join (defaults to default)
  • /DeploymentGroup - Install as deployment agent (instead of a build agent)
  • /ProjectName: - Used with /DeploymentGroup. Team project name
  • /DeploymentGroupName: - Used with /DeploymentGroup. Deployment group for the agent to join
  • /DeploymentGroupTags: - Used with /DeploymentGroup. A comma separated list of tags for the deployment group agent. For example "web, db".
  • /AutoLogon - Configure auto logon and run the agent on startup (The default if this is not specified, is to run the agent as a Windows Service)
  • /LogonAccount: - Account that agent should run as (either Windows Service or auto logon) - Specify the Windows user name in the format: domain\userName or To log in as Local System, use "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM". Defaults to NetworkService if not specified.
  • /LogonPassword: - Used with /LogonAccount. Windows logon password

To pass parameters, use --params "''" (e.g. choco install packageID [other options] --params="'/ITEM:value /ITEM2:value2 /FLAG_BOOLEAN'"). To have choco remember parameters on upgrade, be sure to set choco feature enable -n=useRememberedArgumentsForUpgrades.

Example: choco install azure-pipelines-agent --params "'/Directory:c:\agent2 /Token:mytoken /Pool:Integration /Url:'"

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