How to delete Visual C++ Build Tools 2015


Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 provides the essential tools for building C++ applications and libraries targeting Windows desktop. If you want to build your C++ projects targeting Windows desktop without having Visual Studio installed on your computer, Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 provides the requisite C++ compilers, libraries, build scripts, and Windows SDKs.


You can customize the installation either by adding optional available features or by specifying own installation configuration file.

Adding optional features

Optional features (Phone tools, etc.) are available but not installed by default. You can provide optional parameters to include them during the install. Here is example that includes the Android and iOS build tools:

choco install VisualCppBuildTools -packageParameters "--Features Win81SDK_CppBuildSKUV1,Win10_EmulatorV1"
Available features: see AdminDeployment.xml

Using own configuration file

Specifying the optional features above modifies the configuration file used during installation (AdminDeployment.xml). If that is not enough you can provide this file on your own. Example:

choco install VisualCppBuildTools -packageParameters "--AdminFile c:\path to your\AdminDeployment.xml"
choco install VisualCppBuildTools -packageParameters "--AdminFile http://path/to/your/AdminDeployment.xml"
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