How to delete Visual SFM: A Visual Structure from Motion System

VisualSFM is a GUI application for 3D reconstruction using structure from motion (SFM). The reconstruction system integrates several of Changchang Wu's previous projects: SIFT on GPU(SiftGPU), Multicore Bundle Adjustment, and Towards Linear-time Incremental Structure from Motion. VisualSFM runs fast by exploiting multicore parallelism for feature detection, feature matching, and bundle adjustment.

For dense reconstruction, this program integrates the execution of Yasutaka Furukawa's PMVS/CMVS tool chain. The SfM output of VisualSFM works with several additional tools, including CMP-MVS by Michal Jancosek, MVE by Michael Goesele's research group, SURE by Mathias Rothermel and Konrad Wenzel, and MeshRecon by Zhuoliang Kang.

This package already installs the dependencies for PMVS/CMVS. Included binaries originate from Pierre Moulon's repository.

  • VisualSFM is free for personal, non-profit or academic use. See README for more details.

  • Please cite VisualSFM according to README in your publication.

  • Post questions about the software (not about this package) and see discussions and tutorials at the Google Group or write to wucc1130[at]

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