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###Free OST to PST converter. ###Open your data from Exchange (.OST file) in Microsoft Outlook.

If you are looking for a freeware that will convert OST to PST file format quickly and easily, OST2 is what you need. After a couple of clicks, you will be able to open the converted PST file in Outlook. Our OST converter is useful if, for some reason, Microsoft Exchange Server data needs to be moved and opened in Microsoft Outlook. This free converter is able to do it simply and easily. Convert files in a couple of clicks - select an OST file and choose the location where you want to save the PST file. OST2 will automatically connect the converted files to Outlook*, so you won’t need to import .pst files manually. With the Free version of OST2 you will be able to convert up to 5 items in each folder of orphaned OST or PST file. Using OST2, you can import and export OST and PST files, data from and to Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com, Google and G Suite. You will be able to choose a specific OST or PST file or you can scan your computer and OST2 will find all OST and PST files. Convert orphaned OST files to PST format using OST2 Enterprise Edition. It means that you can convert OST files that are not connected to Outlook. OST to PST conversion can be a solution of problems caused by Exchange Server. In case of your Exchange Server downtime, accidental user account deletion, the server crashes and your data is not accessible, you may want to convert OST to PST file format. All your emails, calendars, contacts, tasks etc. can be opened in Outlook after the OST2PST conversion. To prevent Offline Storage .ost file’s data loss, it is useful to back up data in the Personal Storage file format. Back up Exchange data using this simple OST to PST converter.

##Main features of OST2:

  • Free OST to PST converter. OST2PST software tool.

  • Back up Exchange data with automatic OST converter.

  • Recover Exchange mailbox data with OST PST Converter.

  • Restore and convert OST files.

  • Transfer and migrate OST or PST files

  • Convert OST to PST and connect files to Outlook after OST conversion*.

  • Easy-to-use OST file conversion tool with very simple interface.

  • Scan for OST files connected to Outlook*.

  • Convert OST on your corporate network*.

  • Automatic detection of OST and PST files

  • Convert OST files of any Exchange version to PST files of any Outlook version.

  • Open archive PST files without Microsoft Outlook

  • OST file Viewer freeware to open OST files without Outlook

*These features are only available with Enterprise Edition.


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