How to delete Resilio Sync Business (Install)

###Make Sure Sensitive Data Stays In Your Control

Protect your work with two-step authentication, decide who has permission to edit and view files, share your folders using expiring links. No cloud or any 3rd party servers. Just your private cloud.

###Collaborate On Large Files

Share files of all types and sizes. Synchronize folders. Move data as fast as your network allows - several times faster than any cloud based solution.

###Access Files From Anywhere

Use any device to access your folders. Sync supports all desktop, mobile, and NAS operating systems. Easily create an automated backup.

###One Time Send

The fastest way to send files around the office. Send one or more files to multiple recipients without sharing the whole folder or creating a permanent sync connection. Send design documents, video files, VMs, logs, memory dumps, or any other large file. Peer-to-peer, secure, and cloud free.

###14 Day free trial.

Resilio Sync Business Plus is $79/mo for up to 20 users, Premium is $199/mo for up to 60 users.

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