DriverPack Cloud is new software for increasing your PC efficiency

Install DriverPack Cloud
Before you start installation read the License Agreement, please

What is the DriverPack Cloud software?

This is a new software product from the DriverPack team, designed to improve your computer’s efficiency without any extra expenses or hardware upgrades of your PC. Are you not satisfied with CS: GO or Dota 2 operating speed on your computer? Try the DriverPack Cloud!

How does DriverPack Cloud work?

Our product analyses the drivers’ state on your PC, reveals every software that impacts at your computer’s efficiency in this or that way, and gives its recommendation on updating the drivers and removing the software which make your computer slower, or vice versa, suggests installing the third-party products that will help increase your hardware operating speed. The entire process goes under your control – no actions from the DriverPack Cloud side without your permission

We answer your questions

It monitors your drivers’ state, downloads important updates and missing drivers from the enormous DriverPack database
It enables to reveal and remove potential malware fast, and thus, helps your antivirus
It makes calculations at the Cloud service what enables to save extra resources on your computer
Install DriverPack Cloud
Before you start installation read the License Agreement, please

How to remove DriverPack Cloud completely off your computer

Have you installed our product but don’t want to use it? Just go to the Software Section on the Control Panel, and click on Remove Software. Find the DriverPack Cloud in the dropdown and remove it following the usual procedure. That’s all, the software is removed. DriverPack Cloud leaves no hidden software after removal, nor litters your PC with any adware rubbish.

Let us know your opinion about DriverPack Cloud

Do you like DriverPack Cloud? What other functions would you like to add to it? Tell us, please.