DriverPack Standards for the Software Recommended to Users of DriverPack Products.

Issue date: June 25, 2017

1. DriverPack Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as DriverPack) develops software solutions designed primarily for PC automatic configuration and monitoring. The main DriverPack’s priority is continuous improvement of personal computer configuration and use. DriverPack makes all reasonable efforts to provide the best user experience of using the DriverPack Solutions, therefore, the Third-party Software that the users are recommended to install shall go through a checking procedure described in item 4 to verify its compliance with the requirements listed in item 3.

2. Terms and Definitions

2.1. Software is a set of data and commands in an objective form used to operate computers and other computing devices in order to obtain a certain result, including audiovisual images generated by it.
2.2. Solution is a Software provided by DriverPack, through which DriverPack provides the User with an opportunity of automatic configuration of the User Device (installation of drivers and programs, computer diagnosing), obtaining the data on the Third-party Software and installing the Third-party Software. The official version of the Solution is distributed only on the websites and DriverPack guarantees the provision of services specified in this Contract in respect of the Third-party Software distributed only through the official version of the Solution. Only the official version of the Solution is meant in all provisions of this Contract, in which the Solution is mentioned.
2.3. User is an individual who owns the User Device and installs the Software on the User Device or a person installing the Third-party Software on the User Device.
2.4. User Device is any computing device used by the User, including computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and other similar devices, which the Solution is started on and which the Third-party Software is installed on via the Solution.
2.5. Third-party Software is the Software, a right holder and/or a proper licensor of which is the Third-party, provided by the Third-party to the Users through the Solution.
2.6. Malicious Program is a software application that intentionally leads to violation of the User's legal rights, including collection, processing or transmission of information from the User Device without the User’s consent, or to degradation of the User device or communication network, and also a software application containing pornographic, obscene, offensive, racist, ethnically offensive, threatening, violent, libelous, discriminatory information, and information related to gambling, illegal trade of weapons and drugs; systems containing or offering malicious software of any kind, including browser hijackers, bots, viruses, programs like worm, Trojan, tracking software, rootkits and keyloggers.
2.7. Prohibited Program is a software application, distribution and (or) the use of which is prohibited in the Russian Federation by the legislation of the Russian Federation and (or) judicial or administrative authorities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and (or) the international law, as well as legislation, judicial or administrative acts of other countries in the territory of which the Software is installed and (or) the User Device and (or) the User are situated.

3. Requirements to the Third-party Software

3.1. The Third-party Software shall meet the following requirements:
3.1.1. shall not contain, install (allow to install), and result in appearance of the Malicious or Prohibited Programs on the User Device.
3.1.2. shall provide the opportunity to be uninstalled by the User at any time, without any damage to the User Device and/or other programs installed on the User Device not related to the Third-party Software. It shall also provide the opportunity to be deleted using a standard Add/Remove Programs utility of Microsoft Windows.
3.1.3. The installer of the Third-party Software shall check configuration of the current operating system and, if required, install additional libraries and frameworks needed for the operation of the installed Third-party Software giving prior notification of such necessity to the User. All additional libraries and frameworks required for the operation of the installed Third-party Software shall comply with the DriverPack Third-party Software Standards.
3.1.4. shall not limit the ability of the Users to make changes in settings of the programs installed on the User Device. The Software shall not block or cause other interference with the programs installed on the User Device, unless the Third-party Software provided by the Third-party blocks and/or deletes the Malicious and Prohibited Programs on the User Device.
3.1.5. shall not contain unreliable, racist or offensive information, or information that is prohibited by the laws of applicable legislation effective in the state where the Third-party Software is used.
3.1.6. shall be marked in accordance with applicable laws that protect certain groups of persons from the distribution of certain information in the state where the Third-party Software is distributed.
3.1.7. shall not interfere with the successful and uninterrupted operation of DriverPack.
3.1.8. shall not prevent the Users from controlling their User Devices by any means. In particular, the Third-party Software shall not prevent the User from installing additional software, shall not oblige to install or change the code on the User Device, redirect the browser activity and/or contribute to the connection slowdown and/or loss of connection to the Internet, or adversely affect the functionality of other programs.
3.1.9. shall operate in accordance with the asserted functionality on all operating systems stated in the system requirements of the Third-party Software
3.1.10. shall be provided to the User on the basis of a license agreement entered into with the end user under which this Third-party Software is used.
3.1.11. shall not contain functions which the User is not informed about. The information on actions performed by the Third-party Software, be it user data collection or ad displaying, shall be forwarded to the User.
3.1.12. shall have a verified and credible code signing certificate (digital signature)
3.1.13. shall only collect and transfer the user data when required for successful operation and shall inform the User about it. The data shall be encrypted.
3.1.14. shall not provoke reaction of top-rated antiviruses. To assess the Third-party Software for the presence of viruses, shall be used.

4. Compliance of the Third-party Software with Standards

4.1. Each Third-party Software recommended to the Users by the Solution shall be checked for its compliance with the requirements of section 3.
4.2. DriverPack conducts a closed polling review in a randomly selected group of users to obtain an independent and impartial user estimate of certain Third-party Software utility.
4.3. DriverPack specialists test and review the Third-party Software to verify its compliance with the functionality claimed by the third party as well as with the DriverPack Standards.
4.3. DriverPack collects User feedback on application of the Third-party Software in order to assess the user experience of using this Third-party Software.
4.4. If the Third-party Software no longer meets the Standards, DriverPack shall remove such Third-party Software from the list of recommended software.
4.5. In case DriverPack receives complaints from the Users of the Solutions about a certain Third-party Software, including its non-compliance with the Standards, DriverPack may remove such Third-party Software from the list of recommended software.
4.6. DriverPack independently takes the final decision regarding compliance of the Third-party Software with the Standards.

5. Final Provisions

5.1. DriverPack may update these Standards at any time based on the interests of the Users of the DriverPack Solutions and due to updates of common criteria of Malicious and Troublesome Software.
5.2. All cases of noncompliance of any recommended Third-party Software with the Standards as well as troublesome or undocumented functionality detection shall be reported to the following email address:
5.3. All questions regarding the software compliance with the DriverPack Standards shall be directed to