WannaCrypt cryptographer virus — how to protect the computer against the biggest attack in the history?

DriverPack contains specific actions for eliminating vulnerabilities in computer configuration tools. You can secure your PC or laptop by downloading our free protection against the WannaCry virus.

Configure the computer and protect it against WannaCry
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What is WannaCrypt?

WannaCrypt blackmailer virus (spontaneously renamed WannaCry by the victims) attacked computers all over the world on May 12th, and infected the devices of more than 300,000 users in 150 countries. Western Europe, Russia, China were the worst hit. In Great Britain, the virus disabled the Health Department’s networks and halted the operation of hospitals all over the country. In China, the attack affected old computers at factories which halted several industries.

The main point of how this virus works is simple: it penetrates into your PC or laptop, and encodes absolutely all documents, files, and materials that it can find, and makes them unavailable for use. Then the intruders demand a substantial amount of money for decoding — about $300. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the access to your files back. At present, there is no way of decoding the files by yourself, and the solutions that are being offered on the Internet right now are either fishing, spreading another virus, or just don’t work with 100% certainty.

Who is at risk?

The PCs with operating system earlier than Windows 10 with open SMB ports are at the most risk. At present, half of all Windows users are at risk — 18% users use unlicensed Windows copies (automatically making them at risk), 23% users disabled their Windows Update service (which prevents them from downloading the latest “hotfixes” from Microsoft), and another 6% are using out-of-date OS versions which simply do not receive updates any more.

The conclusion from all this is that the networks of the various firms and enterprises who still use Operating Systems such as Windows XP are at the highest risk. In attacks on these networks, the data loss can be crippling and the cost will be enormous, as any “ransom” will have to be paid for each PC separately.


How to protect your business — solution from DriverPack Solution

The main reason of the WannaCrypt (WannaCry) virus danger is that it spreads by using a critical vulnerabilities in the SMBv1 protocol of the MS17-010 security system. It actually makes WannaCry invisible to antiviruses. The solution from DriverPack Solution enables you to install an update protecting the critical vulnerabilities of your system, and to disable the out-of-date protocols which are the threat, regardless of your license history and your OS version.

Configure the computer and protect it against WannaCry
This software is provided for free